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Hi, I’m Heidi! I am a stay at home mom, a new home-owner, and an avid DIY-er come nap time. I recently moved to Denver, Colorado from Boston, Massachusetts. There are many things that I love about Boston, but my heart truly belongs to Colorado.  Here is my family enjoying our all-time favorite activity: Hiking!


My background is pretty varied. I have a mechanical engineering degree (so you will probably see the functional side of design come out a lot in this blog) and a degree in digital and media arts. I worked for the Department of Defense and the Harvard Physics department, but my favorite job is watching my two girls grow up!


When we moved to Colorado we were fortunate enough to become home-owners. It’s really a big deal for us, because it has always been our dream.


I was eight months pregnant when we moved, and thanks to those very real and very strong nesting hormones, I was extremely motivated to get a house. However, with a hot housing market like Denver, we were frustrated that all of the updated houses were flying off the market immediately. So we opted for a 1980’s fixer-upper home.  I’m so glad we did.

It has changed everything!

I’ve been updating the house slowly, and it has been so much fun! I only have about two hours a day to work on projects. (Ahem, that’s my precious time when the girls nap) I’ve scoured the internet searching for paintings tips, kitchen remodel ideas, and really, anything that could make my life easier.  I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned along the way in this blog.

I hope you find these tips as valuable as I do! And I hope this blog gives you the confidence and inspiration to roll up your sleeves and turn your home into something bold and beautiful.



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