A closet makeover in 4 steps

The closet makeover is one of my favorite renovations because with just a few dollars I was able to reclaim a whole room in the house. Here’s how you can update yours in 4 steps:


Step 1: Get some inspiration. Let’s start with what our master closet used to look like:


Our old closet: this is really what it looked like!

Finding the inspiration to update the closet was the hardest part. After all, only a select few of us enjoys cleaning out a closet. If you are one of those few, my hat off to you! But if you need a little extra motivation, this post is for you.

And so, the week before Thanksgiving, I had enough. I emptied all the contents out of the closet and began the renovation:


Let the fun begin!

 Step 2: Filter through your stuff. 


Remove all the contents from your closet and force yourself to filter through your clothing.

Create your big three piles: keepers, donators, and trash. Try to adhere to the “Haven’t-worn-it-in-a-year Rule”. But I get it that this is hard for some of us. If you’re in doubt, I recommend trying on that piece of clothing.  If it’s pretty worn or just not flattering anymore, donate it to your local thrift store.

Just try your best to purge your stuff as much as possible. It is rewarding to downsize and keep the best of your wardrobe. I promise :)

Step 3: Paint!

This is where you get to see the BIG changes! Give yourself a few days to paint the closet.

For some weird reason, painting small spaces can take a long time. Don’t get frustrated if it’s slow going. Get some Netflix going and sink into a good movie

I painted the trim and shelving white first. Then I painted the walls.  Do you have leftover paint from a previous project? Even better! I used leftover Revere Pewter from my living room renovation.


Paint: Now we’re getting somewhere!

Step 4: Put your stuff back!
This is the fun part. To keep the closet clean, try to create dedicated spots for each item. Here’s another tip: utilize as much wall space as possible by hanging hooks and racks wherever you can:

hangracksonwallP.S. They have hangers galore at Ikea . They are perfect for scarves, ties, jewelry, and…

IMG_0910… even your bags too.


No home office? Consider putting a file cabinet in the closet. No file cabinet? I picked up an old one from craigslist and gave it a quick makeover! Tutorial coming soon. Having one definitely keeps me more organized :)

Thank you for stopping by!


I hope this gives you some inspiration to get your closet going!
And if not, that’s OK too :)


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