A Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

If you’re looking for ideas for a girl’s bedroom makeover, I hope this post helps you out! I’ve finally worked up the courage to rip the wallpaper off my toddler’s bedroom and the result has totally transformed the whole room!

In about a week, I took the room from this:

BEFORETo this:


And I just took the wallpaper down and painted!  Here are some details about the renovation:

First, I scraped and pealed the wallpaper. It is a tedious job, but get some tunes going and push yourself through it.  I learned a lot about stripping wallpaper, and wrote a whole post about what worked best for me. You can read it here. Or watch my video here.


Goodbye wallpaper!

Next, I painted the trim white. I love a crisp white, so I always begin by painting the trim white. Behr Ultra semi-gloss is the only paint I use for trim because it has a paint and primer together. 2-3 coats did the trick.

And then it was time to choose my wall color:


which I paired with a gold closet:


And I have to say, violet and gold are my new favorite color combination! I love the final result:


For those of you considering an open closet, I wholeheartedly recommend it! In fact, I wrote a whole post Why to put the dresser in your kid’s closet. It’s definitely worth a read!

A good pair of blackout curtains are a must in a toddler’s bedroom and I’ve always had great success with the brand they sell on Amazon:


Stylish and functional curtains from Amazon

To hang the curtains, I used Ikea’s rod system. In my experience they are quite budget-friendly and last far longer than their more expensive rivals. Score!

And lastly, here is a great tip to create inexpensive wall art. Create a birth announcement for your child and frame it! I created this announcement on Photoshop and used its eyedropper feature to match the text with the wall color of the bedroom. I love that I have control to personalize the colors.

I sent the file to Staples and printed it on cardstock for .98 cents!


Then I picked out a pretty frame and hung it on the wall:



I hope you found this useful!


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