How to Dress Your Bed in 5 Easy Steps

I just recently finished my master bedroom update and one task I struggled with was updating our bedding.  With so many options out there, it got to be pretty daunting.

Here is a simple step-by-step method I used to pull together a beautiful bed set for years to come.


Before I begin, you should know I didn’t even own a true bed. We had a king sized mattress and boxspring on a metal frame. And we had lots of black furniture. I purchased an upholstered headboard to break up the black furniture and instantly update the bed.

IMG_9393 (3)

The headboard: Roma Tufted Wingback Headboard from Target.

It did not disappoint! The price is amazing and it is gorgeous. Keep on eye on it online, it goes on sale pretty often, too!

And now, let’s get on to a sure-fire formula to update your bedding.

The secret I’ve learned to updating bedding is that it’s all about the layering. Here are the five steps I used to layer my bed and achieve the look I was going for:


Step 1: Work from the bottom up. If you have a headboard, select a bedskirt to match the  headboard. By choosing a matching color, it gives the bed a more cohesive look.


Step 2:  Next comes the sheets. I I knew I was going with crisp white duvet, so I wanted to have some fun with the sheets. I went with a pretty lavender gray, as shown below.


Step 3: Now select your duvet set. What can I say, I love white! My set came with a duvet cover and two matching shams. I also had to buy a duvet insert to fit inside the cover. I love how the set added some consistency to my bedding.


Step 4: Next, choose your coverlet. I love mine folded up on the foot of the bed. I chose taupe to tie in with the headboard and bedskirt. However, any beautiful color would work! Think of this item as another opportnity to layer your bed with something striking.



Step 5: Lastly, add pops of color! You’ve just created a beautiful blank slate to turn your bed into any color or style you like. Now it’s time to put your stamp on it by adding accent pillows. Coordinate these pillows with other accent pieces in your room to tie everything together.


And there you have it! You have just created a beautiful bedding scheme in 5 easy steps! I hope you found this useful!



Summary of Choices:

Headboard: Roma Tufted Wingback Headboard, $332
Duvet cover: Utopia Bedding, 3-piece set, $35
Coverlet: Natural Comfort Maltese Blanket, $70
Duvet insert: Sheesnthings white down alternative comforter 300 thread count, $59
Bedskirt: Smoothweave tailored bedskirt, $40



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