How to sew a pillow the easy way!

Hi guys, I’m so excited to share today’s post. I recently sewed a pillow cover for my IKEA Poang chair cushion and it was such a fun and easy project. You can totally do it yourself, even if you are a very novice seamstress, like myself :)


So why sew your own pillow? I find it’s cheaper and way more customizable!

Often when I redecorate a room, I am looking for very specific colors in a pillow to tie the room together.  And isn’t it always the case that when you have something in mind, it is so hard to find it at a store? That’s why I like making my own pillows. I find the selection at a fabric store is so wide that I can always find just what I want.

Another bonus: you can save a lot of money making the pillow cover yourself.  I paid about $5 for my material, but you can also find remnants on sale and bring that price down either further.

And my last reason is that you get to do a fun and rewarding project. Who doesn’t love making something? It’s a win, win, win!

Sounds fun! How do I begin?

Just follow this easy tutorial, it works for any pillow shape and any pillow size.

1. First, Measure. Start by measuring the length of the pillow you are covering:


Then measure the width:

My pillow came to 18 x 9 inches.

2. Now create a pattern. This is important: when you create your pattern, add a 1 inch seam allowance to your length and width. So my pattern was 19 x 10 inches.


I love having builder’s paper at home, and using it to create a pattern is a perfect application. Once you measure out the length and the width, cut out the pattern.

3. Pin the pattern onto your material.  Be sure to frame the part of the material you want to show on your pillow cover. Tip: I like to use upholstery material for pillows because it is nice and thick.


4. Cut out your pattern and fabric:


5. Remove the pattern and pin your pillow cover together. Place the material so it is good side to good side. This is sewing lingo, meaning that the print sides of the material face each other and the backside of the material faces out.sewapillow

6. Sew! Sew a 1/2″ seam allowance around the perimeter of your pillowcase, however on one edge, leave a six inch opening. This is so you you can stuff in the insert pillow. That part is kinda important :)


7. Unfold the pillowcase so that it is now right side out. Insert the pillow, and hand sew your six inch opening.



8. Congratulate yourself! You have just finished a lovely pillow case!


Which you can customize to your decor:


I hope you found this useful! And happy pillow making!


Feel free this pin on Pinterest so you can find this tutorial when you are ready to make your own pillow :)


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