How to Spray Paint a Metal Filing Cabinet

With New Year’s Day right around the corner, I want to leave you with a post that might inspire you to to do better with one area I always seemed to be lacking: Paper Organization.


Now that we’ve owned a home for the last two years, it was time to take the ultimate leap into grown-up status:  Become the proud owners of a file cabinet. This leap has helped me tremendously keep my paper organization in order.

Don’t want to spend the cash for a file cabinet? I got you covered!

1. My first step was to score a file cabinet at a bargain price.  Craigslist was definitely the way to go – by far beating out Ikea and Walmart prices.


What $10 on craigslist can buy you.

 $20 seemed to be the going price for file cabinets (which by the way, there were several) however I waited a few days to find the right price tag of $10.

2. To make the file cabinet feel truly at home, it needed a mini-makeover. And by mini-makeover, I mean two $2 bottles of spray paint. So here’s the fun part:


Apply One layer of PRIMER to the file cabinet. Don’t feel like you need to get complete coverage, it’s just the base layer. Here’s what mine looked like after the primer:


After the primer- don’t worry about getting complete coverage. 

The top layer is where the magic comes in:


Apply high gloss paint and primer for the top coat. You’re looking good, filing cabinet!

I spray painted directly over the hardware and love how it turned out. It creates a nice seamless looks and is way easier than covering up the hardware.

3. And lastly, display that cabinet in your home!  It has helped me immeasurably stay organized, and I’m sure it will do the same for you.



I hope your story ends with a happy New Year’s Resolution for you :)



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