Kids’ Bathroom Makeover

When your brother-in-law asks you if you’d like him to show you how to tile, you say YES!  It was an amazing opportunity, and I learned so much! With his help we were able to significantly update the kid’s bathroom without spending a fortune.


How did we do it? First we removed the carpet and tiled the floor. We installed a new vanity top. Then we framed out the mirror and painted the vanity. Lastly, the bathroom got a fresh coat of paint.


Tiling is a big renovation- but with a little research, it’s definitely something a novice DIY-er can tackle.

If you’re ready to give it a shot, I would recommend watching the tutorials on the tile shop website. In addition, on Saturdays the tile shop offers FREE classes by professionals to show you how. Are you short on tools? We were, but we have neighbors that are super handy and borrowed theirs.  Perhaps you could do the same. Here is the list of tools we borrowed:

Here is the list of tools we already had:

  • Utility knife / extra blades
  • 2-3 five gallon buckets
  • Sponges
  • Drill
  • Tape measure
  • Level (3′ ok, longer better)

And here is the list of materials you will need to buy:

  • Tile
  • Thinset mortar
  • Grout
  • Grout sealer
  •  Backer board
  •  Backer board screws
  •  Backer board joint tape
  •  Grout spacers
  • Tile caulk

And remember, tile shopping is so much fun! I love the look of wide 12×24 inch tiles and chose this gray ceramic tile from the tile shop:


Clay Gray Porcelain Tile

Now that you have selected your tile, how much should you buy? We did a rough sketch of the 84″ x 72″ bathroom and estimated where we would place the tiles.  It’s always smart to buy a few extra and keep in mind that the tile shop will buy back what you don’t use. A nice perk, huh?


Do a rough sketch of the room to determine many tiles you should buy

Schedule: We tackled this project in a long weekend. Your only requirement is that you must wait a minimum of 12 hours between tiling and grout, however some products list 24 hours. Here’s how we did it:


Once you have all the materials and feel comfortable with the tutorials- it is time to go to town! And remember to have some fun with it. Here are pictures of the final product:


Thank you awesome brother-in-law for showing us how!

More Bathroom Details:

Once the new tile was installed, it was time to get to work with the rest of the bathroom!

1. When we updated the kitchen we needed to purchase two slabs of granite. Since we did not need a full second slab, I had the contractor install some granite in the bathroom at the same time we did the kitchen. If you have a future kitchen renovation planned, you might consider doing the same.

Version 2

River white granite leftover from our kitchen remodel

2. I used this super easy tutorial to frame out the mirror with baseboard.  With not much work or money, we significantly updated the mirror. I am so happy with the results and want to do this to all of our bathroom mirrors.


Use baseboard to frame out the mirror

3. Then I painted the vanity white. I used home depot ultra paint as the base layer since it has paint and primer combined.  Then I put a top layer of the home depot high gloss white. For the finishing touches,  I chose hardware from home depot.

girlsbath3Making progress: the vanity got a paint job!

4. To complete the transformation, the bathroom walls got a fresh coat of paint. I chose Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams. I love working with this color, because it doesn’t have any other undertones, it just looks gray.


 And that, my friends, was the kids’ bathroom makeover! I hope you got some good tips and found this useful!

Thank you for stopping by!



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