The master bedroom makeover


I was planning to take a little painting break, but thanks to two weeks of rain in Denver, I pressed on to give our master bedroom a much needed makeover!

This is what the bedroom looked like three weeks ago:


The room was so dark and dreary, it depressed me.  But no longer! This is what it looks like now:


And here’s the kicker: I just painted it, guys. That’s it! (and maybe a trip to IKEA for accessories, but most of the update is just paint!)

So let’s start at the beginning.  For the year that we’ve been living in the house, here was my to-do list:




My to-do list had been brewing for awhile!

Now that I had my plan, it was time to get started.

If you ever watch design TV shows, they tell you to begin a makeover with a design inspiration. I was really proud of myself, because I did just that. And guess what?  It really did help me tie the whole room together. This photograph was my inspiration:


 The whole update began with a little inspiration from my wedding photo.

Steve and I got married in Cambridge, Massachusetts and our reception was on the banks of the Charles River.  I adore this wedding picture with the purple tree blossoms, blue river, Steve’s brown suite and my white dress. This was my jumping off point, and I picked out this beautiful palette right from the picture:


The color palette I generated from the wedding photo

 I always begin by painting the trim white. When you paint over wood trim, it will require several coats. Cutting the paint in for a straight line is tedious, and I can’t imagine doing it for three coats. That’s why I always paint the trim liberally before I apply paint to the walls. It’s OK if you get white paint on the walls, one coat of the wall paint will hide it all.


Fresh white trim instantly brightened the space!

Next it was time to remove the mirror and light fixture. The mirror was held on by six screws, so it was easy to take off. The fixture was also held on by a few screws and came off by prying a scraper between the wall and its backside.


When I removed the mirror and fixture, there were three holes in the drywall. It was a surprise, but an easy fix. I used a dry wall repair kit on the holes that were under 6 inches and a California patch for the hole that was just over 6 inches. It came out great and was a fun learning experience!

Next up was painting the walls. I wanted to move away from a neutral tone so the room would have some color.  I picked up a blue-green shade from my photo inspiration. The choice? Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray.


SW 6205- Comfort Gray

And this is how it turned out:


The paint combines my favorite colors- blue, green, and gray. I love it!


Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

I love adding pops of color in a room in the form of accent pieces. The purple/pink accents  I chose were inspired from the tree blossoms in our wedding photo.


Purple accent pieces inspired from the purple blossoms


The bed can also be used as a great focal point to tie your palette together. Here I used the brown, white and purple tones to tie the room together.


The bed can help tie your palette color together! 


With the mirror gone, we were able to go for a more functional furniture arrangement:
Before and After: Goodbye, mirror


There are still curtains to be hung and wall decor to be added. But I couldn’t wait to share! I hope you find your own “special something” to inspire a beautiful color palette for your next remodel :)


Thank you for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “The master bedroom makeover

  1. Love your ideas, Heidi! I want to redecorate my new condo in Florida starting with a small bedroom suite. This gave me a few ideas. Need to get the most from this small space. Looking forward to more ideas as I proceed from room to room. I would appreciate any helpful ideas. Thanks Heidi!!

    • Thank you so much, Maria! How fun to redecorate your condo! If you’re starting with a small bedroom, I would suggest letting the bed be the star of the room :) Perhaps look around for some really pretty bedding that you love, and let your color scheme go from there! Enjoy :) xoxo

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