Paint Tips for an easy prep and clean-up

I love painting. I love how with it a little work you can get a total transformation. However, with two little kids at home, sometimes I only have an hour or two during the day to work on a project.  If I want to make progress, I have to maximize my painting time and make my clean up and prep time as efficient as possible.

This post sums up my most time-saving tips.  I hope you’ll find it useful if you have only an hour to paint a day or all day.



1. Stick a white garbage bag over your trim tray.

The 3 minute paint cleanup

This will prevent frequent trips to Home Depot to stock up on trim trays.  But the best part is it also makes for a quick clean-up. When you’re done painting you can pour the remaining paint back in the paint can or just discard the whole bag altogether. Easy-peasy.

2. Stock up on the tray liners. You can buy a ten pack for $5 at home depot. It can get a little pricey, but it seriously makes my cleanup easy. Otherwise, if you put paint directly in the aluminum tray, you would have to wash the paint off after each use.



3.  If you’re working on the same painting project over time, you can use my favorite time-saving clean-up tip: Put your brush in a plastic zip-lock bag.  And that’s it. Some people will tell you that you need to put it in a refrigerator or freezer between uses. I leave mine in the garage.  I’ve waited up to a week between uses. Even in my dry Colorado climate, it’s always been fine for me.



I do this with the roller too:



5. If you get your paint at Home Depot, pick up a FREE paint can opener. (You’ll find them next to the paint stirs)


This tool doesn’t bend the paint lid like a screwdriver can, so it makes resealing the bucket a ton easier.  It’s super useful if you’re like me and you open and seal the can often.



And there you have it- my best tips for minimizing your prep and cleanup time so you can maximize your time painting.  I hope it gives you the courage to tackle a painting project, even if you only have an hour or two to devote to it at a time. You’ll finish eventually :)


Thank you so much for stopping by. Happy Painting!


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