5 Reasons to Put the Dresser in Your Kid’s Closet

If you’re short on valuable floor space in your child’s bedroom, I would highly recommend putting the dresser in the closet. We removed the closet doors to put the dresser inside and I am so happy with the results!


We removed closet doors and put the dresser inside.

Here’s why this arrangement worked great for us:

1. It creates space, space, space!  The closet in my daughter’s room takes up a whole wall and I have always struggled with a proper arrangement for her room.  When we put the dresser in the closet, the flow improved dramatically and now she has floor space to actually play!


The girls have tons more room to play!

2. You get to create a fun two-tone color scheme! An open closet is a great opportunity to decorate the room with a fun accent color. In my renovation, I painted the closet gold to highlight the trim on my daughter’s french provincial dresser. The accent color definitely enhances the charm of the room.


3. No more banging closet doors for a toddler. If you have a toddler at home, you won’t have to worry about getting their fingers pinched in the closet doors. Or endless door banging at nap time. This alone is reason enough to take down the doors :)

4. It creates a clean, updated look. My orange-toned wood doors were damaged and didn’t fit with my color scheme. I wanted them updated but didn’t know how. Removing the doors was a terrific solution and provided a clean lines feel to the room.


 Removing the doors created a clean, updated nook

I’ve seen options on the internet to hang curtains as doors, but I prefer to have the closet open and simple.

5. It helps keep you downsized and organized!  One benefit of having closet doors is to hide the clutter, but I’m here to tell you that you can manage the clutter and have an open closet.

Version 2The key is consolidating and downsizing. My daughter had very few things hanging in her closet- a few dresses and coats.  I consolidated the dresses in her little sister’s closet and put the coats into our main floor coat closet. Then I put some decorative storage boxes above to hold her small items. Ikea Skubb boxes was a stylish solution that kept the cost low.



And here’s the bonus: It’s easy to change back! It’s easy to put the door back on its track so you always have the flexibility to change it. For us right now, it’s an ideal  solution to get that much needed play space. When it’s no longer an ideal solution, I can always put the doors back. And so can you :)


I hope you found this useful!




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