Revere Pewter Coordinating Paint Colors

If you’re ever on Pinterest looking for decorating ideas, then you’ve probably come across Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. It’s a very popular color- and for good reason- it’s beautiful!


Revere Pewter coordinating paint colors

So why did I choose Revere Pewter?

Answer:  I wanted a paint color that looks amazing in every room! I have an open floor plan and rooms with varying amounts of natural light. With my very tall ceilings, I had to get it right on the 1st shot. Revere Pewter definitely fit the bill!

Here it is in my first floor:


Revere Pewter in the living room- with not much natural light


Revere Pewter in the dining room


Revere Pewter in the kitchen – with lots of natural light!

Next I chose a palette for the rest of the house that coordinated beautifully with Revere Pewter. These colors look amazing on the walls and I wholeheartedly recommend them to you:


Here is why I love these colors:

BM Chelsea Gray: Benjamin Moore ‘Chelsea Gray’ and Revere Pewter have the same tone, and they look fantastic together. Sometimes the swatch for Chelsea Gray comes across green-ish on a computer screen, but on my walls it strikes me more as a slate blue.

Here it is in our hallway:


If you’re looking for an accent color for your Revere Pewter room this is it! Here it is to accent our fireplace:


Chelsea Gray and Revere Pewter together. Love!

SW Comfort Gray: Sherwin Williams ‘Comfort Gray’ is a great choice for those who want to add a bit of color to your walls, but yet remain neutral. I love that it is a mixture of blue, green and gray.

Here it is in my master bedroom:


Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

comfortgraybedroomSince Comfort Gray is a neutral color, you can add any pop of color you choose.

SW Veiled Violet: This paint is the perfect balance of violet and gray for a girl’s bedroom- or, really, any room you wish.


Sherwin Williams ‘Veiled Violet’ in Nina’s bedroom

It looks amazing with gold:


Veiled Violet is the perfect balance of gray and violet.

My daughter has my old french provincial bedroom set. I considered painting it white, but it looks so classy with violet paint, that I decided to keep it as is.

SW Repose Gray: This is a cool gray and it stays gray once it’s on the wall. It  looks gorgeous transitioning from the Chelsea Gray hallway:

IMG_7122 copy

Sherwin William ‘Repose Gray’ bathroom


Since I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what paint colors I chose for my house- I made this pin for future reference :)





I hope you found this useful!



8 thoughts on “Revere Pewter Coordinating Paint Colors

  1. I love your color choices. I think they go beautifully together. I have also chosen to go with Revere Pewter and wanted to match other colors. Just curious, did you paint the ceilings? If so what color? Also are you using Satin or Flat?

    • Congratulations on picking a perfect color! I love RP through our house. I went with an eggshell finish through the house. With little kids at home, I love having the option to scrub it. I didn’t paint the ceilings, I left them white. Enjoy your remodel!

  2. I have revere pewter in my living room and beach glass in the kitchen. Any suggestions on a color to paint my formal living room that would go well with these 2 colors?

    • I would go Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray! It compliments RP perfectly and Beach glass would be really nice with it too! Hope this helps! Enjoy the renovation!

  3. Absolutely lovely colors. I will be re-painting my entire basement: family room, guest bedroom, laundry room, bathroom and stairwell. The ceilings are low as I live in a Craftsman’s bungalow but I have chosen Repose Gray for the bedroom, Revere gray for everything else. My question is what color do you recommend for the white trim?

    Thank you!

  4. This thread still open ? I painted my living room RP and it’s definitely more of a green hue than a grey. Plenty of natural light. I had white washed my fire place previously and it was a nice contrast to the walls.. I don’t think it goes well with the RP and thinking of painting it a solid with the Chelsea Grey Tried to put a pic here for any suggestions, but can’t seem to.

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