The Easiest Way to Hem Ikea Curtains

I love Ikea curtains because they’re cheap yet look expensive. Although chances are if you have Ikea curtains, you’re going to need to hem them. This post is to show you how to hem your curtains easily and perfectly every time.


Admittedly, I’m a big sucker for white. It’s fresh, it’s clean, and it’s crisp. So it’s no wonder that when I paint a room, I’m going to want to pair it with a crisp, white curtain. Maybe one day I’ll force myself to bring in more patterns… until then, white it is.

I would highly recommend the Ritva Curtain series, because are the brightest white curtain that Ikea sells. And they look way more expensive than their price tag of $24.99. Keep in mind that with the low price tag comes a little work. Since they come in 98″ length, it is longer than most window lengths and will require hemming.

So how do you hem curtains? Let me show you the easy way:

1.  Hang each curtain panel. If you have a standard window height, the curtains will overflow. A lot! But don’t worry.

IMG_137898 inch curtains- a little long for me!

2. Fold and pin each panel to your desired length. I’ve read several reviews that store bought curtains can come in different lengths, despite what quality control they may have. So it is a good idea to hang each panel and pin how much to hem each panel.

Fold up and pin your desired length.

3. Remove curtains and make sure you have a straight fold:


Adjust your pins to make sure you have a straight hem.

4. Iron a solid crease: A very hot iron is all you need to create a solid crease:

IMG_3609 (1)

If you are hemming more than six or seven inches, consider cutting off any excess fabric, but leave a 2-3 inches to make a clean hem.  I don’t mind a big hem and did not cut off any fabric.

5: Sew or apply your hem tape.

A) If you are sewing, sew straight across the top of your hem on the backside of your curtain. Even though I am a slow sewer, it is a quick and easy task.


B) If you are using hem tape, apply the tape inside the crease and iron. This will fuse the material together.

6. Hang your curtains and admire your perfect lengthened curtains!


Go you!


I hope you found this useful!


And feel free to file this tutorial on your Pinterest board :)



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